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SL-Series. The KSL System


Produktvideos zur neuen SL-Series

Die neue SL-Series von d&b audiotechnik wird von ZONE Media in vier Produktvideo-Modulen vorgestellt.

„The d&b SL-Series, large scale line array family is delighted to announce the imminent arrival of a new addition. Delivering all the recognisable features of its SL lineage, from outstanding broadband directivity to advanced rigging options, the versatile sibling of the GSL System is due on 24th January, 2019.“ (d&b audiotechnik) So kündigt d&b das KSL-System an, welches während der NAMM 2019 in Kalifornien seinen großen Launch feierte.

Modul 1: A family affair. Ein Rückblick auf die bisherigen Erfolge des GSL-Systems und ihren Einfluss auf das neue KSL-System.
„Vier always says to me, ‚The product is the star, and the people who use them are the heroes.'“ (David Claringbold, CMO d&b audiotechnik)

Modul 2: Scaled for purpose. Das neue verbesserte KSL-System, welches alle Features des GSL-Systems beinhaltet – nur viel kleiner ist.
„We gave the KSL the same acoustical properties, so you can get the same benefits that some people have experienced with the GSL so far.“ (Matthias Christner, Head of R&D Acoustics)

Modul 3: A shared DNA. Das KSL-System, das auf dem GSL-System aufbaut und mit vielen weiteren d&b Produkten kompatibel ist.
„We are setting, basically, the technical seeds already in there, which is part of the enabling technology evolution. You gonna be surprised.“ (Werner ‚Vier‘ Bayer, Product Manager)

Modul 4: Connected through sound. Die offizielle Produkteinführung des neuen KSL-Systems.
„We’re always trying to do the unexpectable […], and we’re talking about the unexpected things which makes a new development really interesting.“ (Werner ‚Vier‘ Bayer, Product Manager)

CEO:  Benno Pichler
Producer:  Dagmar Bever
Project Manager: Christina Putz
Creative Producer:  Nicole Reinold
Production Manager:  Sabrina Tonner
Director:  Ethan Vincent
DoP:  Benjamin Paya
Camera Assistant / 2ND Camera:  Eva Mittermüller
Lightning Technician:  Philipp Habenicht
Sound Engineer:  Peter Priemer
Digital Editor:  Melanie Schmidt
Creative Director: Claudia Nussbaumer
Motion Designer:  Lorenz Meyer

Sound Design/ Sound Mixing:  The Grand Post
Music:  Founder Music

CATEGORIES:  Corporate VideoWirtschaft#produktvideo
LOCATIONS:  Wien, Backnang, Boston, Ludwigsburg, Karlsruhe, Osaka, Paris,
CLIENT:  d&b audiotechnik, Urs Ehm